• Three-Wheel Riding Mowers

    The three-wheel design was the first riding mower Ferris ever produced. Just click to learn more about this legendary series.

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  • Snapper riding mowers continue our tradition of making yard work easy with a variety of models, all with excellent visibility, streamlined design and easy, 3-n-1 convertibility from side discharge to bagging to mulching.
  • So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...

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The rolled deck-edge and the high air-flow blades create a powerful whirlwind that vacuums clippings into a choice of collection hoppers. (RER - HI-VAC)

It Talks. Almost.

It tells you the fuel level, or when it needs maintenance. It even says, "Good Morning." (NXT2346 & NXT2652)

A Smart Engine

You've heard of smart phones, why not a smart engine? (NXT2346 & NXT2652)

Easy Does It

Intelligently designed controls make it easy to engage the mower or set the parking brake or cruise control. (LT125)