Lawn care professionals trust Ferris to provide the best mowers to suite the needs for their landscaping businesses. Read these commercial mower reviews for Ferris zero turn, walk behind and 3 wheel riding mowers to learn.

"It use to take me 3 hours of cutting around many, many trees and shrubs and now it takes me less than half to do the same thing. I have found it so enjoyable that I mow my lawn twice a week and my neighbors take notice and are so jealous. Thanks for the better and faster cut!"

Loren Nelson, Eagle, MI

"After cutting 5 acres with this machine, the only thing I was sorry about was not purchasing one sooner. The ease of operation, power of the BIG BLOCK™ and the quality of cut are impeccable."

Shawn McGill, Paris Crossing, IN

"By far the nicest machine out there! Smooth and easy to handle, cast-iron spindles... It blows through the grass like nothing else."

T.M., Greensboro, NC

"I’m planning on moving my entire fleet to propane. Not only is it better for the environment, it also increases my productivity. I’m saving money on fuel, and labor costs as well, since my crew isn’t spending time filling up at the pump. Propane has no additives and is a clean burning system. I save on maintenance since there is no carburetor or fuel filter to maintain."

Shannon Wilson, Sarasota, FL

Zero Turn Mower Reviews

"We specifically purchased the Evolution™ mower for a commercial account with smaller areas to mow. We figured it’d be more productive than a walk-behind.Well, it has given us more than we expected. Because it is so fast and efficient we’ve also been using it to mow larger properties. Now the guys on the crew prefer to get on the Evolution™ mower over the typical zero-turns on our fleet."

Craig Pellington, Wayne, NJ

"I’m sold on my IS®  1500Z. What used to take me 5.4 hrs to mow now takes me 2.2 hours...and the suspension allows me to fly across the yard!"

Dennis R. Naylor Sr., Dana, IL

"After years of searching for mowing equipment that combines both speed and maneuverability, we’ve found it in Ferris. Some sites have had their cutting times cut by half. Reliability is key for an operation such as Nottingham. Future budgeting now includes replacing more and more of our fleet with the new IS® 2500!"

Mark Walton, Nottinghamshire County Council

"I bought the IS®  5100Z and the suspension provides a superb ride over my very rough terrain. That is the main reason I bought it and am 100% satisfied."

Mike Gamber, Houston, TX

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Walk Behind Reviews

"The Comfort Control™ DD handles so effortlessly- all I have to do is use my fingertips to control its movement. Hillsides that used to be burdensome are now a breeze."

Andrew Tomberlin, Monroe, NC

"I purchased a HydroCut™ 32 and I am blown away with how it operates. I needed it because of several gated backyards that I use to push mow. It is only the beginning of the season, but I’m already saving time and looking for more lawns to cut. Thanks for making a good product."

Jim Vecchione, Philadelphia, PA

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3-Wheel Riding Mower Reviews

"The ProCut™ S is excellent! It leaves a nice finish, it’s easy to trim around trees and anyone on the crew can operate it. I especially like the new suspension system, you don’t feel the bumps and you’re not left with a backache."

Nick Cortez, Oneida, NY

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