• Closed loop EFI system with O2 sensor to maintain the most efficient
    fuel mixture.
  • Reduced fuel consumption versus a carbureted equivalent.
  • Speed sensing to direct the right amount of fuel precisely when it’s needed.
  • Pressurized fuel delivery for efficient fuel vaporization.
  • Increased power.
  • Increased governing control and load acceptance.
  • Alcohol & stale fuel resistance.
  • Altitude compensation.
  • Choke-less starting.
  • Optimized cold & hot restart.
  • Service solutions and engine diagnostics.
  • Global 3-Year limited commercial warranty*.
  • Available on the ISX™ 3300 and ISX™ 2200.

* See www.vanguardengines.com/service-support/warranty for warranty details.

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Vanguard Engine with EFI