Ferris’ History


Ferris Industries began as the Uebler Milking Machine Company.


With the emerging landscaping industry, the company shifted its focus to manufacturing commercial lawnmowers. The Ferris brand was born with the same commitment to strong, built-to-last machinery that characterized the company’s established heritage.


Ferris introduced and patented the first hydrostatic drive walk-behind mower. The company was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) for this breakthrough.

Ferris Industries began as the Uebler Milking Machine Company

Ferris History Suspension


Ferris revolutionized the industry with the introduction of Independent Suspension (I.S.) – the first ever Independent Suspension System for the riding mower. I.S. Independent Suspension earned Ferris the distinguished OEMmie award for innovative engineering solutions.


Ferris became a subsidiary of Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc. Throughout the next year, Simplicity demonstrated its commitment to the company by increasing its workforce, completing a factory expansion, and pouring resources into product development.


Ferris introduced a new family of zero-turn mowers from 48- to 72-inches. The largest model featured 4-wheel I.S. Independent Suspension, thereby confirming Ferris’ position in the industry as Commercial Mower Specialist™.


Ferris achieved a new level of speed and performance with the introduction of the IS® 5000Z. This was the first diesel-powered mower in the Ferris line featuring a Caterpillar industrial-grade diesel engine. The increase in demand for products led the company to break ground once again for expansion.


Simplicity manufacturing, along with its subsidiaries, Ferris, Snapper, and Giant-Vac were purchased by Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group. To handle the continued success additional square footage was added to the Munnsville manufacturing facility.


The IS®1500Z, IS® 4500Z and HydroCut™ 36 were released. The incredible sales demand for these new models boosted production three times during the course of the year.

IS 1500Z

IS 5100Z


Two new models were introduced, the IS® 5100Z and the all new IS® 2000Z. Ferris’ continued commitment to reliability and innovation has defined the company as a leader in the commercial market.


Ferris introduced the Rear Discharge mower deck with mulching system fitted as standard.


Ferris introduced the IS® 2500Z diesel zero-turn. The industry witnessed the evolution of mowing with the innovative Ferris Evolution™ mower - a forward thinking compact zero-turn that places the operator in the most ideal ergonomic position for mowing. Briggs & Stratton have proudly opened a Centre of Excellence in Roermond in the Netherlands. This centre was built to service the training needs of their European, Middle East and African distributor network and their dealers for Yard and Power Products.


Ferris introduced the FM35. This walk-behind fl ail mower is designed to combat the most demanding environments and is ideal for mowing rough and overgrown areas.


Ferris introduced the FW35 series commercial grade walk behind mower and the compact sized IS® 600Z and IS® 700Z zero-turn mowers.


Ferris introduced the compact sized FW25 series commercial grade walk behind mower.

FM35 Flail Mower

Z1 Stand-On Mower


After six successful years the IS® 2500Z is replaced by the improved IS® 2600Z. This zero turn complies with the latest EPA FINAL TIER 4 emission regulation. Ferris also introduced their first zero turn with Electronic Fuel Injection: the IS® 2100Z. A new mid-sized commercial mower series with independent front suspension and petrol engine with EFI technology.


Introduction of the IS® 3200Z, a new full-sized commercial mower series with independent front suspension and petrol engine with EFI technology. Ferris also introduced the SRS™ Z1 series, a small platform stand-on mower.


Ferris entered the pro-sumer market with the launch of the 400S. 

Introduction of TRIPLE Mowing Technology. Hosting multiple discharge methods in one deckshell.

Introduction of the Two-Belt deck drive system. By using 2 belts and fewer backside idler pulleys belt life and reliability increases significantly.


The new ISX™ 800 replaced the IS® 700Z and is the first product to use the next gen ForeFront™ independent front suspension system.

400S Zero Turn Mower

Ferris IS®  6200 Zero Turn Mower


Introduction of the FW15, a traditional style walk-behind mower with fully-commercial features in a compact package.


After 18 years of great service the IS® 5100Z is succeeded by a new flagship mower: the IS® 6200. With its impressive specsheet this is the new industry benchmark for the ultimate riding and cutting machine.

Besides a new flagship Ferris also launched the ISX™ 2200 and ISX™ 3300 series. They are the successors of the IS® 2100Z and IS® 3200Z. They feature ForeFront™ suspension system, an EFI engine with Oil Guard™ and a TRIPLE mowerdeck.