Just as a car’s suspension is responsible for giving the driver and passengers a smooth and comfortable ride, the presence of suspension on a ride-on mower is just as important for landscape professionals, farmers and owners of large properties.

Allowing users to benefit from superior suspension, and therefore an easier mowing experience, Ferris has released the S65Z –an advanced, yet affordable ride-on mower featuring the patented Suspension Comfort System.

Developed by engineers with landscapers, farmers and owners of large properties in mind, the all new patented Suspension Comfort System isn’t just a special seat that masks vibrations, but is actually a system designed to absorb jolts that would typically cause operator lethargy.

It’s this revolutionary technology that allows users to boost productivity, finish jobs faster and showcase seamless results.

With a focus on longevity, comfort, speed and productivity, the S65Z also features the Cyclonic Filter in-built into the Commercial V-Twin delivering superior performance and durability for users. Utilising overhead valve technology combined with the V-Twin cylinder, the engine delivers true commercial power.

Pivoting front axles ensure increased traction in rough conditions, making the S65Z perfect for tough Aussie terrains.

Plus, each Ferris mower comes with a Lifetime Limited Deck Warranty, so users can appreciate the cutting-edge Ferris technology and built-to-last construction for years to come.

Benefits of Ferris’ Suspension Technology

Output: The cutting-edge technology enables enhanced productivity for users, meaning overall improvements in performance with less time spent mowing.

Swiftness: Say goodbye to aching backs and throbbing arms, the speed and smoothness of the S65Zcan finish mowing a large lawn in no time.

Dependability: Forget patchy and misshapen lawns. The S65Zprovides a steady and neat cut every time.

Comfort: All vibrations are absorbed by the patented Suspension Comfort System, resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Extended Lifespan: More than simply comfort, the mower’s absorption of vibrations means increased quality of life for the mower, thanks to reduced pressure on the chassis.

The Ferris S65Zride-on mower is available from Ferris dealers nationally. For more information or to find a local dealer.