You have enough going on each day. That’s why we created a technology designed to keep you going. Our first-of-its-kind Oil Guard System from Vanguard extends maintenance intervals up to 500%. That means you spend less on oil and can cut up to 500 hours before ever needing an oil change. Get more time on the job, more money in your pocket and more mileage from your mower.

Why It's Better:

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    Increased Productivity

    Extended oil change intervals means more time cutting.

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    Lower Maintenance Cost

    60% savings per season, per unit*.

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    Easier Maintenance

    Easy fill cap and integrated oil filter make tool-free oil changes easier, cleaner and faster.

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    High-capacity external oil reservoir 

    Keeps the oil and engine cooler. 

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    Unique, dry sump system 

    Ensures off-angle lubrication and minimizes thermal breakdown of oil. 

Products Featuring Oil Guard System: