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Are there different seat options available for zero turns?

The Ferris IS® 5100Z series of diesel powered zero-turn mowers features an impressive complement of comfort, performance and convenience. Read More

My Ferris does not track straight when both sticks are pushed all the way forward?

Not every Ferris mower will track perfectly straight when both sticks are pushed all of the way forward. There are several variables that will play into the way the mower will track when the sticks are in the full forward position. Read More

What oil do I use in my engine?

For the proper engine oil to run in your engine please refer to the original engine manufacturer. Read More

How do I stop tearing the grass when I do a zero turn?

When doing a 180 degree turn on your Ferris mower, you will need to make sure both wheels continue to spin free. The reason the turf is tearing is because one of the wheels is locked in place. Read More

Where can I get a technical service manual for my Ferris mower?

Ferris does not offer a Technical Service Manual. Refer to your operators manual and local dealer. The operators manual contains most of the service information needed to maintain your Ferris mower. Read More

What and where can I find prices on the different Ferris products?

Please feel free to contact your local Ferris dealer for the most accurate pricing and availability. We do not sell products direct from the factory, so we are unable to quote prices. Read More

Are trailer hitches available for zero turns?

Ferris Industries offers a trailer hitch kit for the IS500Z, 1000Z, IS1000Z, IS1500Z, IS2500Z, IS2000Z, IS3100Z, IS5100Z series mowers. Read More

How do I become a Ferris authorized dealer?

For information on becoming part of our Ferris team fill out the “Become a Dealer” request form. Read More

Why should I use genuine Ferris OEM parts?

All Ferris parts are built to the OEM specifications and carry a 90 day factory warranty if they are installed by an authorized Ferris dealer. Read More


Ferris Industries does not deal in the used equipment market, so we will not be able to provide you with any value or pricing information. We recommend that you contact your local dealer. Read More