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Are there different seat options available for zero turns?

Learn about the different seat options for our various Ferris Zero Turn Mowers. Read More

Are trailer hitches available for zero turns?

Yes, Trailer hitch kits are available for most Ferris Zero Turn Mowers. S65Z models have a trailer hitch fitted as standard. Kits can accept a ½” shank ball. Read More

Can I purchase my Ferris mower and/or parts direct from the factory?

Ferris Industries only sells through authorised Ferris dealers. The dealer is factory trained to set up your Ferris mower and perform any warranty work. Read More

Can I use E85 Ethanol fuel in my Ferris?

No. Do not run Ethanol (E85) fuel in your Ferris mower. The engines are not designed to handle the different nature of that style fuel. Read More

Do I have to take my Ferris back to the dealer that I purchased it from?

You do not have to take your Ferris mower back to the same dealer you originally purchased it from. Any authorised Ferris dealer can perform warranty work for you. Read More

How can I get a parts breakdown and an operator’s manual?

You can find them in our support section of the website under manuals. Read More

How do I become a Ferris authorised dealer?

For information on becoming part of our Ferris team fill out the “Become a Dealer” request form. Read More

How do I stop tearing the grass when I do a zero turn?

When doing a 180 degree turn on your Ferris mower, you will need to make sure both wheels continue to spin free. The reason the turf is tearing is because one of the wheels is locked in place. Read More

How often should I grease my Ferris mower?

Depending on the amount of use the Ferris mower gets will dictate the amount of grease you will need. The spindles and caster wheels are generally the most often greased. Read More

How should I clean my Ferris mower?

Compressed air, or a leaf blower can be used to clean debris that may collect on and under the machine. Read More