Ferris introduces SRS™ Z1 Soft-Ride Stand-On Mower

20th December 2016 — Stand-on mowers feature similarities with both walk-behind and zero-turn mowers. Where zero-turn mowers and walk-behinds have their specific application area, the stand-on mower can be best of both worlds. They are the ideal machine for tight, smaller spaces and where the operator needs to get repeatedly on and off the machine for obstacles or opening and closing gates. But when facing a larger area of grass, this machine will handle the job with almost equal ease as a zero-turn mower. A stand-on mower can be used in a wide variety of applications such as cemeteries, traffic islands, vegetated central reservations, public playgrounds, urban areas and public parks.

The SRS™ Z1 mower offers several features that deliver the kind of heightened productivity and commitment to quality, which has become synonymous with the Ferris brand. The patent-pending operator platform with adjustable suspension technology delivers a more comfortable ride by reducing stress on the operator’s body, while its forward and reverse lever with an easy locking speed control setting and an ergonomic thigh pad help to further reduce operator fatigue.

The operator is positioned on top of the rear axle, exactly in the centre of the machine’s turning point, ensuring the body picking up less momentum from turns. The SRS™ Z1 is designed to allow for quick operator exit and re-entry in combination with an automatic-disengagement of the PTO. If the operator walks away from the mower to move an obstacle or pick up debris, the PTO will automatically disengage. When stepping back onto the platform, the PTO can be engaged by a minor stroke of the switch and the operator can continue mowing.

Minimal space is required for maneuverability on tight properties and narrow corners which also benefits the space required for transport and storage. The mowers’ superb balance in combination with large 23” drive wheels provides stability and manoeuvrability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling, whether on slopes or overcoming the issue of climbing kerbs.