Vanguard EFI Engine with Electronic Throttle Control
Vanguard EFI Engine with Electronic Throttle Control

The FRC7's Vanguard engine has a fuel injection system that delivers just the right amount of fuel in every circumstance, for better performance and fuel economy. Its electric governor optimizes engine power and allows for more efficient power delivery. The engine features an advanced breather system for application on slopes.

Removable Fuel Tank
Removable Fuel Tank

The FRC7 features a removable 23 liter fuel tank with a marine-style quick-disconnect coupling. This greatly simplifies the removal of the tank when you have a spare second tank on standby. The FRC7 can drive up to 200 m on battery power only, without having to start the engine. Ideal when you run out of fuel while mowing.

Tracked Drive System
Tracked Drive System

The traction drive system features rubber tracks that assure traction on a slope. The unique track system is specially developed for this machine and features a reduced footprint with approaching and departure angles for maximizing traction with minimal turf damage.

Easy Track Tension System
Easy Track Tension System

In case a track requires tensioning, the FRC7 is equipped with a straightforward tensioning system by means of a top bar. To simplify tensioning, a special tensioning wrench is located under the hood so that you can effortlessly re-tension the track whenever you need to.

Remote Control
Remote Control

The remote control allows the mower to be operated from up to 300 m distance. Remote control functions include: steering control, engine start/stop, PTO, cutting height adjustment, undercarriage trim, drive speed limiter, horn, safety beacon light, LED headlights, operator safety tilt sensor,
emergency stop and reset.

Jack Stand
Jack Stand Included

The FRC7 comes standard with a service jack that allows the machine to be lifted effortlessly in case a track comes off. Along with the onboard tension wrench, it makes reinstalling a track quick and effortless.

Hoist & Tie-Down Points
Hoist & Tie-Down Points

If you need to hoist the machine over an obstruction, such as a highway guardrail, the FRC7 is equipped with lifting eye bolts. These are located at the top of the upper bar. The machine is also equipped with several tie-down points to properly secure the machine during transport.

Service Portal
Service Portal

The FRC7 features an automatic data collection system that tracks exactly where the machine has been, where and how long it has been mowing, what slope gradations the machine has experienced and provides feedback on the technical condition of the machine. All data can be accessed through an online portal where data is stored permanently and instantly. 



Part # 5902117
Make Vanguard® - Petrol
Model MOD38E3
Fuel system Electronic fuel injection, Electronic throttle control
Engine power 23.0 gross HP* / 17.2 kW
Cylinders / Displacement 2 Cylinders V-Twin / 627cc
Cooling Air-cooled
Starting system Electric
Fuel capacity (litres) 23
Cutting width (cm/inch) 115 / 45
Deck configuration Bi-directional, rear discharge, mulching
Cutting height (cm) 5.0 - 18.0
Deck lift system Electric
Blades 2
Blade type Cross-cut swing-back blades, with 2 x flat off-set blades & 2 x low-lift blades per spindle
Drive system Hybrid, e-Drive system with battery bank
Blade drive Electric
Track drive Electric
Speed-fwd. (km/h) 0 - 7,0
Speed-rev. (km/h) 0 - 7,0
Remote control reach (m) 300
Remote control functions Direction & steering control, engine start/stop, PTO engagement, cutting height adjustment, undercarriage trim, drive speed limiter, horn, working lights, emergency stop, reset
Maximum working angle (°) 55
Safety controls Operator tilt sensor, automatic fail-safe brake system, emergency stop on machine and remote control
Lighting Safety beacon light, 2 LED working lights on each side
Diagnostic Service Portal One-year subscription is included free, optional subscription after first year
Overall length (cm) 160
Overall width (cm) 150
Overall height (cm) 89
Dry weight (kg) 677
Balance of machine 2-Years Limited Warranty
Engine 3-Years Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

* Power levels are stated gross horsepower at 3600 rpm per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs & Stratton.

See operator’s manual or dealer for complete warranty details. Refer to engine operator’s manual for engine warranty.




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