Ferris® IS2600Z Powered by EU Stage 5 Ready diesel engines

18th February 2017– The Ferris® IS®2600Z is nowadays powered by a “cleaner” diesel engine. Although the emission requirements for non-road engines are only becoming more stringent from January 1st 2019, Ferris® has predictively provided the IS®2600Z with an engine that already meets the more stringent EU stage 5 emissions.

EU stage 5 involves all non-road diesel engine classes. For non-road diesel engines with an output of less than 19kW and above 560kW, emission limits will be introduced. For non-road diesel engines with an output of 19 kW to 560kW the requirements will become stricter since stage 5 is mainly focussed to reduce particulate number. The new criterion of particulate number has not been regulated in the past by previous non-road emission regulations.

The future of larger zero-turn mowers powered by diesel engines >19kW is somewhat uncertain. The most impacted power range are engines between 19 and 37 kW which will require technology such as common rail fuel systems and exhaust after-treatment systems for the first time. Complying with EU stage 5 emissions in practice, will drive the adoption of diesel particulate filters (DPF’s) for engine in this power range. Changing from a mechanical fuel injection system without after-treatment system to a common rail injection system with Diesel Particulate Filter is going to have a large impact on the engine cost which negatively affects the €/HP ratio.

The IS®2600Z is offering “cleaner” diesel power with premium features and enhanced productivity. The patented suspension system responds to the most unforgiving terrain with refined control and incomparable steering accuracy. It absorbs shock- load and vibrations caused by the terrain beneath, minimizing stress on both the operator and machine. When protected from these effects the operator naturally increases speed, taking full advantage of the available horsepower which translates to increased productivity and lower operational costs. Dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-4400™ transaxles deliver unmatched power and durability. The choice of either a 132 cm or 155 cm rear discharge mower deck with iCD™ technology with factory fitted mulching insert. Other features include a foot operated mower deck, a premium mid-back adjustable seat with padded arm rests, large 42 liter fuel tank capacity and a foldable ROPS system.


  • Yanmar 24-gross HP, 993cc liquid cooled, 3-cylinder diesel engine, model 3TNM74F
  • Dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-4400™ transaxles 132 cm/155 cm Rear discharge fabricated mower deck with iCD™ technology with factory fitted mulching insert
  • Patented 4-wheel suspension system
  • Foot operated deck lift with cutting height ranging from 38-127 mm in 0,6 cm increments
  • 24×9.50-12 (132 cm) / 24×12-12 (155 cm) Drive tyres and 13×5.00-6 (132 cm) / 13×6.50-6 (155 cm) Caster tyres
  • Ground speed up to 18 km/h with an productivity up to 2,23 Ha/hour (based on 80% efficiency)

The IS®2600Z includes the Ferris 2+2 Year Limited Warranty which covers the unit for four years (48 months) or 500 hours, whichever occurs first. During the first two years (24 months), the mower is covered for unlimited hours. (Belts, tires, brake pads, battery and blades are covered for 90 days.) In addition, coil-over-shocks and all suspension-related components are covered for four years (48 months), unlimited hours.