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My Ferris does not track straight when both levers are pushed all the way forward?

Not every Ferris mower will track perfectly straight when both levers are pushed all of the way forward. There are several variables that will play into the way the mower will track when the sticks are in the full forward position. Read More

Can I purchase my Ferris mower and/or parts direct from the factory?

Ferris Industries only sells through authorized Ferris dealers. The dealer is factory trained to set up your Ferris mower and perform any warranty work. Read More

Is my warranty transferrable?

The Ferris factory commercial or residential warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the machine. The warranty is not transferable. Read More

What is the resale or trade-in value of my used Ferris mower?

Ferris Industries does not deal in the used equipment market, so we will not be able to provide you with any value or pricing information. We recommend that you contact your local dealer. Read More

What oil do I use in my engine?

For the proper engine oil to run in your engine please refer to the original engine manufacturer. Read More

How often should I grease my Ferris mower?

Depending on the amount of use the Ferris mower gets will dictate the amount of grease you will need. The spindles and caster wheels are generally the most often greased. Read More

Do I have to take my Ferris back to the dealer that I purchased it from?

You do not have to take your Ferris mower back to the same dealer you originally purchased it from. Any authorized Ferris dealer can perform warranty work for you. Read More

What is the steepest hill I can cut with a zero turn?

We do not recommend that you traverse a hill with a larger grade than 15 degrees. The way you can check that you would be ok to mow a side hill would be to try and back up the hill. Read More

What is the warranty on my new Ferris mower?

All new Ferris commercial lawnmowers carry a 2 year commercial or residential front to rear warranty on parts and labor. Belts, tires, brake pads, battery and blades carry a 90 day warranty. Read More

Are trailer hitches available for zero turns?

Ferris Industries offers a trailer hitch kit for the IS500Z, 1000Z, IS1000Z, IS1500Z, IS2500Z, IS2000Z, IS3100Z, IS5100Z series mowers. Read More