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IS 2500Z | Ferris New Zealand
IS 2500Z

The Ferris IS® 2500Z series of mowers continues to expand the Ferris zero-turn line-up offering diesel power with features and benefits that no other mower can. Watch Video

IS 3100Z | Ferris New Zealand
IS 3100Z

The Ferris IS® 3100Z series includes a variety of premium performance, comfort, and convenience features that add even greater customer value to an already best-selling design. Watch Video

IS 5100Z | Ferris New Zealand
IS 5100Z

The Ferris IS® 5100Z series of diesel powered zero-turn mowers features an impressive complement of comfort, performance and convenience. Watch Video

IS 2000Z | Ferris New Zealand
IS 2000Z

The Ferris IS® 2000Z series of mowers is a leading choice among landscape contractors and large property owners alike. Watch Video

2011-2012 Product Range | Ferris New Zealand
2011-2012 Product Range

The benefits of Ferris suspension add up to increased productivity for you. The more productive you can be the more time you will save and the more money you can make. Watch Video