Collection Systems


The TURBO-Pro™ system vacuums the lawn for a clean finish in a wide variety of conditions. The system is highly resistant to clogging. The TURBO-Pro utilizes oversized drive and idler pulleys combined with a long drive belt for cool running and maximum belt life.The curved blade impeller reduces impeller speed and noise while maximizing air velocity. This commercial-grade system mounts to the deck with a fabricated heavy-duty steel plate. The blower housing is protected with a 1" heavy-gauge tubular bumper. No tools are required after the unit has been installed to switch from bagging to non-bagging. The TURBO-Pro is a light weight blower assembly and is ideal for use with compact models.

Model Double Bag Triple Bag EZ Dump™
IS 2500Z  52'' 52'' 52''
IS 2100Z  52'' 52'' 52''
IS 2000Z  52'' 52'' 52''
IS 700Z 52" 52''/61'' 61''
IS 600Z 44"/48''


This FAST-Vac® system is built around a super-tough, high-volume side panel air induction system that reduces clogging and produces significantly more air volume than conventional systems. The rugged
impeller, built using industrial grade bearings, generates a phenomenal airflow. Its spindle-driven vertical turbo is narrower, allowing you to get in and out of tight places. No tools are required after the unit has been installed to switch from bagging to non-bagging.

Model Triple Bag EZ Dump™ EZ Dump XL™

IS 3100Z 61'' 61'' 61''
IS 3100ZP 61'' 61''  
IS 2500Z 52''/61'' 52''/61''  
IS 2100Z 52''/61'' 52"/61''  
IS 2000Z 52''/61'' 52''/61''
IS 700Z 52''/61'' 61''

Double Bag

The double bag collection system is simple to install. Each heavy-duty mesh bag has a rugged polyethylene underside with integrated handle to assist with removal. Capacity: 9 cubic feet

Triple Bag

The triple bag collection system is simple to install. Each heavy-duty mesh bag has a rugged polyethylene underside with integrated handle to assist with removal. Capacity: 12.5 cubic feet

EZ Dump ™

The EZ Dump™ increases productivity by giving the operator the ability to release clippings from their seat with the use of a toggle switch. The low profile of this system is better for visibility when compared to competitive systems. Capacity: 12.5 cubic feet

EZ Dump XL ™

The EZ Dump XL™ Collection System is ideal for larger jobs. Simply squeeze the handle and pull up to release the hopper right from your seat. The hopper is specially lined to ensure that all material is dumped each time for increased productivity. Capacity: 14 cubic feet

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