Choose the Best Walk-Behind Mowers for Your Landscaping Business

Get the most out of your walk-behind investment by answering the right questions.

There are several great reasons to consider a commercial walk behind lawn mower. Compared to a riding mower, lower cost is a consideration. While a zero turn riding mower will cut a large lawn faster with less operator fatigue, a walk behind may be all that's needed – or would make an excellent pairing to an existing lawn vehicle fleet.

If you manage a crew or even one or two employees, you might find it is easier to train them to use a walk-behind lawn mower. Many operators find standing gives them an improved view ahead of the cutting deck, and the slower ground speed feels more within their control.

The greatest difference between our walk-behind machines is the deck width. Consider a larger deck model, such as the FW35 Walk Mower to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption. Choose a smaller deck, such as the FW25 Walk Mower if your trailer or shed is too small to accommodate a wider model, and also to reduce your purchase price if budget is a primary factor. And, for improved control and maneuverability, choose our CC™ Centralized Control model option.

No matter your choice, purchasing a Ferris walk-behind mower with our improved cutting deck and professional-inspired features is a smart decision.

Walk Behind Lawn Mower Comparison

You can compare Ferris Walk Behind Lawn Mowers with our selection guide or visit your local Ferris® dealer to experience our mowers and explore your many options in person.