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Suspension Technology

No Pain. More Gain.

Why decide between getting your work done faster or feeling good when you finish? Ferris covers you on both. Our patented suspension technology reduces the effects of uneven terrain, virtually eliminating shock to the chassis and your body. And by allowing you to maintain speed while mowing, it increases your productivity by getting the job done faster. This lets you power through each day, knowing that we'll keep you feeling good for tomorrow.


    The more productive you can be the more time you will save and the more money you can make.


    Insulated from these effects, the operator naturally increases speed, taking full advantage of available horsepower. The result: More acres per hour and more money in your pocket.


    The mower deck follows the movement of the wheels and the flow of the terrain. The result is a beautiful, consistent cut.


    Our frame rails are made of much heavier material because we do not rely on frame flex to keep all four wheels on the ground.


    Ferris’ exclusive suspension system absorbs the shocks and vibrations that cause operator fatigue. The increased comfort translates to operator satisfaction and increased productivity.

Suspension Systems Technology Developed by Ferris Mowers

No matter if you’re a professional cutter, weekend warrior or discriminating buyer, Ferris zero turn mowers with suspension will give you a measurable improvement in your mowing efficiency. The smooth ride will enable you to get more done in less time than conventional mowers. A Ferris mower can help you finish your job faster, boost your productivity and produce beautiful results.

Ferris zero turn mowers are the only commercial mowers that feature a suspension system that was developed by engineers with landscape contractors’ needs in mind. We didn’t just mask operating vibration with a special seat. These mowers were built from the ground up to be the hardest working and smoothest riding in the industry. Operators experience less fatigue while tackling tough jobs. Our patented suspension technology provides exclusive benefits that maximize productivity for years to come.

Ride-On Mower Warranties†

Each customer has different needs, so Ferris created the 2+2 Year Limited Warranty. One simple warranty covers all our ride-on, zero-turn and 3-wheel front deck mowers for four years (48 months) or 500 hours, whichever occurs first. During the first two years (24 months), the mower is covered for unlimited hours. Belts, tires, brake pads, battery and blades are covered for 90 days. In addition, coil-over-shocks and all suspension-related components are covered for five years (60 months) unlimited hours. We are committed to providing performance, productivity and durability.

†See dealer for warranty details. Refer to engine operator's manual for engine warranty.

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