Offering Superior Cut Quality

The iCD™ Cutting System was engineered to produce the best possible cut in a multitude of conditions. Every component works together to achieve superior cut quality. The deck design and extra wide opening allows for a more even and greater dispersal of clippings The slope nose of the deck forces the blades of grass forward and allows them a longer period of time to rise in the chamber before the blades make contact. The new iCD™ cutting system offers unparalleled cut quality and compliments the innovation of the Ferris line.

  • Recycled Rubber Chute
    Flexible recycled rubber discharge chute reduces contact damage.
  • Wide Discharge
    Extra wide discharge opening evenly disperses grass clippings.
  • Debris Shield
    Debris shield on idler pulleys keeps moisture and debris away, extending bearing life.
  • Steel Construction
    Multi-layer heavy gauge steel construction for maximum strength.
  • Reinforced Edge
    Reinforced leading edge provides protection where the deck needs it most.
  • Optimizing Airflow
    Center point is offset, optimizing airflow for discharge.
  • Slope Nose
    Slope nose design reduces the amount of clippings discharged from the front.
  • Deck Step
    Deck step allows for easy entry and exit from the operator’s compartment.
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