Lawn Mower Parts 101

Here is what you need to know to maintain your lawn mower deck.

Your lawn mower deck features a sophisticated yet rugged set of components. Properly maintained, your mower deck will serve you well for years. Yet, some lawn mower parts will eventually wear out. Your authorized Ferris dealer has all the replacement parts you need for lawn mower maintenance. Here are the most common lawn mower deck parts to check for wear. Always refer to your operator's manual when performing repairs yourself.

Lawn Mower Blades

Ferris commercial mowers feature long-life heat-treated steel blades. Since they come in direct contact with everything from grass to rocks, mower deck blades will become worn or damaged over time. Keep your blades sharp using a grinder, hand file or electric blade sharpener to ensure an even cut.

If you must replace your lawn mower blades, be sure to choose the proper blade replacement. Removing a blade is a simple process of removing the bolt that secures it to the spindle.

See your operator's manual for complete details on determining blade condition and performing these procedures.

Mower Deck Spindles

Ferris® uses greasable spindles. To ensure the longest life from your mower's spindles, keep them greased as recommended in your operator's manual.

Commercial Mower Belts

If you believe the belt on your zero turn or walk behind is slipping or worn, you will want to gain access to the belt area for a closer look.

If the mower belt slips on the pulleys or frays, this will affect cutting performance. Visually inspect the belt for signs of fraying (loose threads extending from the edges) or slipping (interior side is shiny). We highly recommend choosing OEM replacement belts, which are specifically designed for maximum life and performance. Your operator's manual describes the steps necessary to safely replace your belt.

If your deck's spindles are the non-greaseable variety, make sure there's not excessive play, which could cause the blade to wobble and affect the quality of your cut.

Mower Deck Pulleys

Pulleys should be checked for proper alignment to ensure the belt runs straight during yard work. Check pulleys to ensure there are no foreign objects in the grooves that could cause additional wear.

Mower Deck Idler Tensioner Spring

Most lawn mower decks use heavy duty springs to provide tension on the belt. See your operator's manual to determine the correct spring length for your mower's deck size and how to adjust it if necessary.

Anti-Scalp Rollers

The anti-scalp rollers help keep the lawnmower deck raised. These rarely have issues, even after large landscaping jobs. If you lose one, or if one appears to be damaged or worn, it should be replaced.

Other than the role these parts play in cut quality and deck performance, you should always make sure the underside of the deck is clean and clear of debris. Tree branches and accumulated grass clippings should be removed to ensure the best results from your lawn mower.