We've Got Your Back

"We have 14 acres of grass and this mower has changed our lives. It's cut the mowing time in half and performed amazing in all types of grass heights. It has tremendous power and is extremely comfortable for the hours I'm on it."

"This makes a world of difference on my body at the end of the day."

"This is my second 2100z. I purchased both new. I mow residential and commercial lawns and this is a perfect machine. The new seat suspension and the suspension on the mower makes for a very comfortable ride."

"This Ferris is like riding on my recliner! All the adjustments make for a great ride."

"I bought my IS3200 several weeks ago. I have 10 acres of field I keep mowed. It used to take me 10-12 hours on my Cub Cadet. I get it done in less than 5 hours on my new Ferris."

"Hands down best zero turn made! I’ve had two IS3200s and was very happy BUT this new machine is superior. The cut is the best looking finished lawn I’ve ever seen! Ferris is worth every penny you pay!"

"It is extremely comfortable and very very well built. I wouldn't go with any other brand than a Ferris. You will not find a better quality cut or comfort of a ride." 

"The suspension on each tire and the suspension seat make it to where I am able to move without hurting my back."

"I have purchased two of these mowers (36 inch) over the last two years and they have both been outstanding. I use both mowers commercially and one has 500 hours the other 200 so I wanted to wait to do a review until I had hours on them. Worth every penny."

"I mow 10 residential and one apartment complex and this versatile mower cuts great and has power to spare which really helps on overgrown grass."

"Strong powerful engine options, easy and smooth operation, very good traction, stable and very comfortable. Pivoting front end provides optimal performance on a variety of terrains. Very highly recommended, best stand on available. I’ve been cutting grass for over 20 years and have owned many makes and models and in my opinion this is the best available option for professional lawn care."

"The ride, handling, and cut is impressive. Good luck finding a better stander. It’s really nice to only change my oil once a year thanks to the oil guard system."

"My back thanks me!"

"This has by far been the best mower so have ever ran, and I’ve been doing this for years. I own my own lawn care business, so I need something that is going to handle the tough schedule I throw at it. I have over 600 hours on my machine in just over a year. 500 hour oil changes have been a big money saver."