Lawn care professionals trust Ferris to provide the best mowers to suit the needs for their landscaping businesses. Read these commercial mower reviews for Ferris zero turnwalk behind and stand-on to learn.

"It use to take me 3 hours of cutting around many, many trees and shrubs and now it takes me less than half to do the same thing. I have found it so enjoyable that I mow my lawn twice a week and my neighbors take notice and are so jealous. Thanks for the better and faster cut!"
Loren Nelson, Eagle, MI

"After cutting 5 acres with this machine, the only thing I was sorry about was not purchasing one sooner. The ease of operation, power of the BIG BLOCK™ and the quality of cut are impeccable."
Shawn McGill, Paris Crossing, IN

"By far the nicest machine out there! Smooth and easy to handle, cast-iron spindles... It blows through the grass like nothing else."
T.M., Greensboro, NC

"I’m planning on moving my entire fleet to propane. Not only is it better for the environment, it also increases my productivity. I’m saving money on fuel, and labor costs as well, since my crew isn’t spending time filling up at the pump. Propane has no additives and is a clean burning system. I save on maintenance since there is no carburetor or fuel filter to maintain."
Shannon Wilson, Sarasota, FL


Zero Turn Mower Reviews

"I purchased a new 2016 Ferris 2100Z EFI in April of 2017. It took me two and a half to three hours to mow with my old mower. Now I can mow in 1 1/2 hours and when I have finished I still have the energy to do other work. I love the suspension system which smooths out the ride. I like the Electronic Fuel Injection which makes it fuel efficient and so easy to start. After a full season of use can highly recommend this mower."

"We bought a 2100 this summer and lawn mowing has now become an activity that my wife and I fight over who gets to mow the lawn, the quality of cut is better and anyone that we have shown it to has thoroughly been impressed."


"My first Ferris was a 3000Z. After 12 years with no problems, so I bought a 3200Z with the 37HP EFI + Oil Guard system. The original Ferris was great (950 hours/12 years) with no problems. I mow 5 acres a week and as good as my first Ferris was, the new one is absolutely incredible! The suspension system was great, but my new Ferris is even smoother as well as faster. So, trouble free plus better!! Just PHENOMENAL!!!"

"The IS 3200 is one heck of a machine. I purchased mine this past winter and got a chance to use it a couple of weeks ago.  I cut roughly 6.5 acres every week. It has the 61" deck with the 32hp Vanguard big block. I went from 6 hours of cutting grass down to a little under 3 hours, the cut was very clean. No stragglers to be seen. I can't say enough about the ride, better ride than any other ZT bar none. This machine is amazing! I bragged so much about mine my Dad bought a 2100 today."

"Test drove Ferris 3200Z. It rides like a Cadillac, better than other competitors I've driven. It's really smooth. The new Oil Guard with 500 hour oil changes is a great new feature."


Walk Behind Reviews

"I love the 36 inch ferris. I can get it into most back yards. It hugs hills. Easy to maintain. You can lift the front eve and put blocks under for blade change. Love that. Easy to change oil. Like others the oil filter could go some where else but ok. I can do yards with less fatigue with big back tires. I’m so glad I got a Ferris."

"I started a small lawn care company and bought this due to recommendations from people in the business that said Ferris makes good products. This mower cuts well and is easy to get used to. I will probably sell this or trade it in for a zero turn within the next year or two. This is a great piece to add to a starting or growing business."


Stand-On Mower Reviews

"The rider platform is located perfect and fully adjustable. This mower is a tank, well built and solid as a rock. There is nothing lite about this machine, it's full on commercial and built to last. I strongly suggest your final look and demo is at you local Ferris dealer. They are 3 steps ahead of everyone else and it looks like they will continue to pull away. Thank you Ferris for making my business something to be proud of."

"Great cut, power, stability, and amazing ride. I love how the standing platform sits low to the ground and between the drive tires. I think Ferris got it right with this one. Very happy with my purchase. I bought 2 mowers and received a sizable fleet discount. Absolutely no regrets here!"


"This mower is absolutely fantastic. It is well engineered and can hold a steep hill. I have been on every mower out there and this is a perfect cutting machine for commercial guys."