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Ferris FAQs

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Emissions Warranty | Briggs & Stratton

The U.S. EPA and Briggs & Stratton are pleased to explain the emissions control system warranty (Emissions Warranty) on your 2023-2025 and later engine / equipment. Read More

Where can I get Ferris hats, t-shirts, jackets, etc.?

Look great when you're cutting the lawn with your Ferris commercial mower. See where you can find Ferris gear for you & your team with this FAQ. Read More

What oil do I use for my hydraulic system?

Learn about which oil to use for your Ferris mower hydraulic system in this FAQ. Read More

What should I do to get the most from my Ferris product?

Ferris recommends that you follow your service maintenance schedule. This is listed in your operators manual. Be sure to clean any debris that may have collected on and under the machine. Read More

Can I order my Ferris mower and/or parts direct from the factory?

Ferris sells replacement mower parts through authorized Ferris dealers. Dealers are trained to set up your Ferris mower and perform any warranty work. Read More

What is the warranty on my new Ferris product?

Learn about the warranty for your new Ferris mower in this FAQ. Read More

Where can I find the battery size needed for my Ferris mower?

Learn more about where you can find information about the battery size needed for your Snapper Pro mower, read this helpful FAQ. Read More

Where can I find prices on the different Ferris products?

Please feel free to contact your local Ferris dealer for the most accurate pricing and availability. We do not sell products direct from the factory, so we are unable to quote prices. Read More

How do I become a Ferris Authorized Dealer?

For information on becoming part of our Ferris team fill out the “Become a Dealer” request form. Read More

What are the Similarities & Differences Between Ferris Mowers?

Not sure if a zero turn, walk behind or stand-on mower is best for your lawn care business? Learn how to find the best mower model for your needs. Read More