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Ferris FAQs

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Zero Turn Features: Lawn Mower Seat Options | Ferris

Be sure you have the perfect zero turn mower for you! Learn about different seat options available for commercial zero turns in this Ferris Mowers FAQ. Read More »

Are Trailer Hitches Available For Zero Turns? | Ferris

Description: Ferris sells a trailer hitch kit for zero turn mowers. This easy-to-install trailer hitch allows your mower to tow many attachments & accessories. Read More »

Buying Ferris Commercial Lawn Mower Replacement Parts | Ferris

Ferris sells replacement mower parts through authorized Ferris dealers. Dealers are trained to set up your Ferris mower and perform any warranty work. Read More »

Does E85 Fuel Work In Commercial Mowers? | Ferris

Wondering what is the correct fuel to use in your commercial lawn mower? Do NOT use E85 ethanol fuel in your zero turn or walk behind mowers. Read More »

Commercial Mower Dealers & Maintenance | Ferris

Wondering whether to take your Ferris mower back to the same dealer you purchased it from for maintenance and repair? Learn more in this Ferris FAQ. Read More »

Lawn Mower Parts List & Operator's Manuals | Ferris

Need lawn mower replacement parts or have to perform some maintenance? Learn where to find your parts breakdown & operator's manual from this Ferris FAQ. Read More »

How Do I Become A Ferris Authorized Dealer? | Ferris

For information on becoming part of our Ferris team fill out the “Become a Dealer” request form. Read More »

How to Stop Tearing Grass with Zero Turn Mower | Ferris

Learn how to stop tearing the grass during a zero turn in this Ferris FAQ. Find out how to give a better lawn cut with your zero turn mower. Read More »

How Often Should I Grease My Ferris Mower? | Ferris

Depending on the amount of use the Ferris mower gets will dictate the amount of grease you will need. The spindles and caster wheels are generally the most often greased. Read More »

Riding Lawn Mower Not Tracking Straight | Ferris

Not every Ferris mower will track perfectly straight when both sticks are pushed forward. Learn what you need to do to make the proper adjustments. Read More »