What is the steepest hill I can cut with a zero turn mower?

Operation on slopes can be dangerous. Using the unit on a slope that is too steep, where you do not have adequate wheel traction (and control), can cause sliding, loss of steering, control and possible rollover. You should not operate on a slope greater than a 5.4 foot rise over a 20 foot length (15 degrees).

Always mow across slopes, not up and down (to maintain traction on wheels) and avoid sudden turns or rapid speed changes. Reduce speed and use extreme caution on ALL slopes.

Also, note that the surface condition you are on can greatly impact your ability to safely operate the machine. Operating on wet or slippery slopes can cause sliding and loss of steering and control. Do not operate on slopes that are slippery, wet, or have soft soil conditions.

If you feel unsure about operating the unit on a slope, don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk.

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