Why should I use genuine Ferris OEM parts?

All Ferris parts are built to the OEM specifications and carry a 90-day factory warranty if they are installed by an authorized Ferris dealer.

A short example of an aftermarket parts problem that may occur: It is recommended that you replace your hydraulic filter with the Ferris OEM replacement filter. There are filters out on the market that will fit this same application and look exactly the same, but the internal filter system is not. Most engine oil filters that you will find are 50 micron pressure filters and the Ferris hydraulic filter is a 10 micron pressure filter. The pistons in the hydraulic pumps have a 40 micron tolerance, which means using an improper filter may lead to actually not filtering the system properly. This will increase the contaminants in the oil, will cause premature wear and lead to a catastrophic failure in the hydraulic system. Using the Ferris OEM parts for your Ferris mower not only can help extend the life of your machine, but will also give you the peace of mind that your Ferris mower will continue to function properly over time.

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