How-To Turn Your Riding Mower Into a Snow Blower

Multiply the value of your ProCut™ S 3-wheel riding mower or F800X zero turn by adding a commercial snow blower attachment.
Upgrading your mower to a dual purpose machine gives you all the utility of both, with one less engine to maintain.

The wide, two-stage snow blower attachment’s auger and chute combo features electric rotation and lift, controllable from your mower control panel. Add our snow cab enclosure to stay dry and comfortable while maintaining a 360-degree view of your surroundings. You'll have a professional grade rig you can count on all season long to tackle heavy snow removal with ease.

Ideal for contractors or municipalities with a lot of snow to move, your mower-turned-snow blower will make big jobs smaller and small jobs quicker.

Ferris Lawn Mower Attachments for Snow Removal

Ferris Snow Attachment

ProCut S Snowblower Attachment

50" two-stage snowblower with electric chute rotation.

Ferris Snow Attachment

F800X Snow Cab & Blower Attachment

60" two-stage snow blower with electric chute rotation.

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